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It all started with a simple dream: helping as many people as we can through good nutrition advice, sports and lifestyle education in an industry dominated by myths and non-science based nutrition and workouts.

Our goal besides helping and educating as many people as we can is to always come forward with science based workouts and nutrition advice while making this easy to access to the general public.

Paul Potora

Founder, Personal Trainer, Registered Dietitian

Founder, Dietitian and Personal Trainer

Paul - Dan Potora

“Core was a dream that bore out of frustration: I simply hated the crowded, dirty or unorganized classic gyms where I had to wait in line to use a machine or a bench.
I wished for a place that I felt comfortable to train in, where I could feel that I belong and train with people that have a similar target: to get results.
Core is not my first project, but it’s the one I invested a big part of my life in and I was blessed to find a group of dedicated and passionate fitness professionals to call my colleagues.
I hope that you’ll have a pleasant experience training with us.”

Our Team

Antonio Rosca

Personal Trainer

Irina Trifan-Râșteiu

Personal Trainer

Vlad Munte

Personal Trainer

Răzvan Vâlcelean

Personal Trainer

Gianina Avram

Personal Trainer and Dietitian

Tania Potora

Personal Trainer and Pre/Post Partum Specialist

Leonard Dan

Personal Trainer and Physiotherapist

Mara Ichimescu

Personal Trainer and Dietitian

Razvan Dan Ene

Personal Trainer and Physican

Ioana Popa


Călin Coța

Personal Trainer